I love leading and being part of teams that create media that evoke emotional responses. I also find great satisfaction in taking hundreds of individual details and bringing them together to form a compelling piece of media.
 For longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve been involved in the production of content for some of the worlds most beloved brands, helping to add billions in revenue. Teams I’ve led or been part of have produced content that has garnered Addy’s, Promax Awards, Emmy’s and many more accolades. But it has never been about the awards, it has been about the challenges. From producing content with World Series and Super Bowl Champions, to advertising some of the largest movie, television, and entertainment properties of the last two decades, I’ve been honored to have the chance to be a trusted advocate of these leading brands.
The product and properties I’ve produced content for are as varied as the production experiences themselves. Live national broadcast, live sporting events, large productions on location, witnessing history unfold, and many more experiences I’ve enjoyed thoroughly.
Those experiences have helped me to become both operationally and technically adept, learning to balance creative dreams with operational savvy.
Where will the next adventure take me? Contact me and let me know, I look forward to talking with you.

    Some awards I’m proud of



Here's a sizzle reel demo of some of my work. Please check out the Video and Archive sections to see me.